Mom Opened Up The Mailbox To See This Outrageous Letter From An Anonymous Neighbor

For nine years, Kelly and Mike have lived in their small, beachside apartment, calling the ocean their backyard and giving their kids the gift of adventure. They have two young boys, aged two and four, who love to play outdoors as often as possible. They love the beach, the sand, and the water, and while they have an entire beach at their disposal, it doesn’t stop mom and dad from taking them out to the various parks and attractions in the city as well.

But one nosy neighbor apparently knows best, and sent them a letter with no return address (“coward,” Kelly writes) and a stamp depicting Santa (which makes no sense). 10-31a8The letter calls the parents “selfish” for not living in a large house with a yard and driveway, cluttered with toys and swingsets…and the couple isn’t sure what could have brought this on. They live in a two-bedroom apartment and have an entire beach for their backyard, and are confused as to why someone thought they needed to send them a letter stating otherwise. Why not just tell them in person?

The couple’s friends and family (and a few strangers) chimed in to give wild suggestions. Maybe they were trying to get the family to move because they wanted to rent the apartment next? Maybe they forgot that being happy doesn’t always mean owning a bunch of toy? One person even claimed that it was their letter because they are on the waiting list to move in, too!

What do you think of this letter?


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