Mom Meets Son-In-Law For The First Time…But Later Realizes She’s Had His Picture For YEARS!

When Heidi met Ed, it wasn’t some romantic encounter that led them on a whirlwind adventure – he just needed help working the dryer in his new house. He’d moved to new student housing at his university when he became frustrated with the laundry equipment. He couldn’t get the dryer to work, so he decided to find someone that had lived there before. Heidi’s name was on the community board, and she came over and showed him how to work the quirky machinery…and they hit it off immediately.

When it was time for their families to meet, they’d already been dating for four years…so everyone knew things were getting serious! Their mothers got to talking during the get-together and discovered that both of their families enjoyed vacationing in the Mediterranean.

Spurred by the conversation, they also realized that their kids had fond memories of those beaches because at one point, they’d each ended up finding “vacation boyfriend/girlfriends” that they remembered fondly. It was cute, but no one thought much of it…until Heidi’s mother went digging through old photographs.

She found a picture of Heidi with her “vacation boyfriend” and realized that the little boy in the picture was Ed! She was stunned!The coincidence was too incredible, and as soon as the story hit Facebook, it immediately went viral. What were the chances, over a decade later, that the sweethearts on the beach would go to the same university and end up married? It was just too precious not to share!

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