Mom Let Dad Write The ‘Thank You’ Letter From The Toot Fairy. It Went Exactly As Expected!

Kellie Dawson is an opinion blogger who isn’t afraid to make her viewpoints known. Her husband – an author – was asked to write the note from the Tooth Fairy when his step-daughter, Scarlett, lost a tooth. The resulting note is hilarious, painting a vivid picture of the real life and struggles of the well-known fairy.

Taken suddenly from her vacation in Bermuda, the busy fairy went on a transcontinental journey to pick up Scarlett’s tooth…and she wasn’t too thrilled about any of it! When Scarlett discovered this crazy note under her pillow, she was overjoyed. She hadn’t received a run-of-the-mill “remember to brush!” note from the fairy…but instead received the complex tale of a journey that no one expected!10-24a2010-24a21Packed with puns and curious antics, the Tooth Fairy seems to have been very aggravated at having to abandon her luxurious beach and “not too sweet” adult beverage. The letter has gone viral, inspiring other parents to take on a more creative aspect of their interactions with the Tooth Fairy! While she can still tell kids to clean their rooms and brush their teeth…she might consider sharing a little about her every day life!

What do you think on dad’s take on the Tooth Fairy’s letter? Absolutely hilarious, or just WAY too much?


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