Mom Is In A Hurry To Bring Medication To Her Sick Daughter…But A Tough Biker Stops To Ask Her THIS Question! Mom’s Response Had Me Laughing Too Hard!!

Sometimes, our hopes and wishes and prayers get answered in the STRANGEST ways! We might ask for help in the most urgent of circumstances, it doesn’t matter how help comes our way, just so long as it comes! This might be some extra cash for the rent this month, help meeting a deadline that is approaching too quickly, or even a tough situation at home. We offer up those silent pleas in the hopes that somehow, something will help make our lives easier. When those silent prayers do get answered, though…it becomes an awesome story to tell later on the internet!


Ha! Instead of being scared or concerned about the potentially dangerous criminal, this mother is just thankful that her prayers were answered in a timely fashion! To be honest, I’m not entirely certain that this story has a deeper moral to look for. I just think it’s hilarious that instead of seeing “dangerous car thief,” this mom chose to see him as a “professional car lock expert” (yes, I made that up) that saved her day and would help her daughter get her medicine! I guess we can stick with the standard, “don’t judge a book by its cover!”

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