Mom Is FURIOUS Over Teacher’s Unique “Cooking” Assignment To Eighth Graders

A drama teacher at Erin Mills Middle School in Misissauga, Ontario sent home some alarming homework with his students one evening…and mother Delight Greenidge was not impressed. Instead of a light-hearted skit about an old TV show using emoticons, the drama teacher assigned a skit about injecting crystal meth.

She discovered the horrific assignment when her son asked her how to make a tourniquet for class. As soon as she read the instructions, she was in complete shock.

I popped a blood vessel,” she said. “I was in a state of shock … I’m thinking this cannot be real.”

Her son told her that the teacher printed off these instructions as a part of their assignment, telling them to “act scared” when making the drug deal and to “act happy” when injecting the drug.

The biggest problem? The instructions not only told children how to inject the drug, but also where to source materials to make the drug with a complete list of ingredients!

I’m reading this thing and my eyes are just swelling as I’m reading it and I think my blood pressure went up by about 50 points because it is detailed, step-by-step, blueprint instructions on what you need to make crystal meth, how to prepare the crystal meth and then how to inject yourself with crystal meth,” she said.

She was afraid of the teacher’s influence over not only her son, but the other children as well.

The school suspended the teacher without pay and agreed that the teacher’s decision was shocking and inappropriate.

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