Mom Got Into A Car Accident! But What She Sent To The Insurance Company Had Them Utterly Confused…

If you’ve been in an auto accident, you know first-hand how annoying it can be to deal with the aftermath. Hopefully, there were no lasting physical injuries, but handling all of the documents and claims with the insurance can get a little overwhelming! When this mom got into an accident, she was handling all of the insurance’s request by text message.

Documents and statements and endless questions took up most of their time…but then the agent asked for pictures. In the whirl of information, well…

Mom got a little confused!5.2a2Technically, these are “front, back, and side views,” but…mom didn’t realize that the agent was asking about the CAR!
5.2a3 “Susan you look very nice but i need pictures of your vehicle.” I can just imagine this agent receiving the pictures one after the other with a bewildered expression. How embarrassing! I mean, it’s hilarious for the rest of us, but Susan must have felt a little silly after she realized what went wrong!

Don’t forget to take pictures of your car if you ever get into an accident! Luckily in Susan’s case, there were no medical injuries to document…but I still got a good laugh out of this silly exchange!

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