Mom Gave Birth In Her Jeep, But The Hospital Is Still Billing Full Price…Even After A HUGE Mistake!

Paula D’Amore had planned to have a hospital birth, and when she realized that she was in labor, she and her husband took off for the hospital…but Paula wouldn’t make it! They drove into the parking lot when Paula just knew that there was no more time to wait. She climbed into the back seat and began to push. By the time the midwife and nurses arrived, Paula’s husband had already caught the baby’s head!11-4a23

The midwife helped to finish delivering the little baby girl, and one nurse suctioned the infant when her husband delivered the head…but the rest? She doesn’t want to pay for because of what happened next.

The neonatologist ordered a blood culture on the infant, and the nurses didn’t clean off the baby before drawing blood, which lead to contaminated results. The results caused the hospital to admit the infant into the NICU for 24 hours and receive five rounds of antibiotics. Paula and her husband knew that the test was contaminated and asked to be discharged, but by the time the two additional test results came back, the hospital had already charged for the NICU stay and the antibiotics.11-4a24

In addition, the hospital is billing for the use of a delivery room, which seems outrageous to Paula because she gave birth in the Jeep. The hospital claims that the charge is warranted because “Our Labor and Delivery Unit provided additional resources by sending three nurses and a nurse midwife to the hospital parking lot to assist the delivery of the baby.”11-4a25

Paula says the nurses simply held up sheets in the parking lot.

Her photographer captured the entire event, and Paula believes that she should have just stayed home.


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