Mom Frustrated With Commercial “Girl” Clothing And Starts A New Business

If you’ve ever tried to shop for children’s clothing, you’ll have notice the huge differences between clothing made for girls and clothing made for boys. It’s a large reason that so many schools go after girls for dress code violations over boys – there just isn’t anything in the store that fits the guidelines, and one mom decided to do something about it. 

Sharon Choksi knew that not all girls want “pink frills, bows, and glitter.” It turns out, a lot of girls are more interested in “climbing trees, building LEGO creations, and playing with cars and trucks.”

That’s when Girls Will Be, a clothing line for active and curious girls that took into account their slimmer frames but still offered the same features that boys’ clothing traditionally has, such as large pockets and longer sleeves.

She collected clothing from 10 large clothing stores and compared what was being sold and found shocking evidence of these rampant problems.


Her approach quickly became a huge success, and their online store frequently sells out of items as soon as they are back in stock. Letting children express themselves and focus on the things they enjoy in life instead of their clothing has become many parents’ priorities, and the creation of this new clothing line is a prime example.

Other parents hope that bigger clothing stores will take notice and strive to simply do better when it comes to children’s clothing.

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