Mom Found A New Way To Get The Kitchen Cleaned…And It Wasn’t Hiring A Maid!

Millennial moms are finding new and interesting ways to get things done, and while many others may criticize the amount of time that children spend indoors and online, you’ve got to respect the way this mom is disciplining her children. Some parents have chore systems in place, but this one is clever. She isn’t going to give them an allowance for doing a certain chore, and she isn’t punishing them for not completing whatever it is that she asked them to do…she’s rewarding them with the password to the internet in exchange for finishing (and providing proof) what she asked them to.8.9a11Inevitably, her kids tried to be sneaky one time and tried to pass off a previous day’s clean room for another. She made sure they could never do it again and told them to take a picture with a new box of crackers! This is a great way to clean up the house AND teach the kids about responsibility!

Some people have commented that the kids might not care about the WiFi password if they have data on their phones…but playing online games on the computer or streaming a ton of videos on your phone just isn’t the same!

Did you discover a new way to get the kids to do chores, or will you keep searching? I learned something new today!

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