Mom Falls To The Ground 4 Year Old Daughter Saves Her Life

Parents have the responsibility to teach their toddlers how to speak. And usually, they tell their kids to remember their full name, how old they are, and where they live. This is how Calise Manning, a 4-year old girl from Michigan, was able to save her mom after calling 911.

Calise picked up the phone and asked for help immediately after her pregnant mom, Centerria, fell unconscious. She spoke to the dispatcher for almost 7 minutes, and gave the exact information of their whereabouts. Help arrived quickly, and the mother and daughter was rushed to the hospital. In a matter of days, Centerria gave birth to a healthy boy. And now, Calise is a proud big sister.

Emergencies like this don’t happen often, but it’s very important that everyone in the household is prepared. Parents should be able to teach their kids these things as early as possible, and learn from what little Calise was able to do.

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