Mom Explains Something About Their Daughter’s Actions That SHOCKED Dad Right Down To His STOMACH!

One of the first lessons you learn as a parent is to think outside of the box. Kids are curious, they love to explore, and if it smells like a dead bird has been stuffed between the couch and the wall, you had better move that couch NOW because there is most likely a dead bird stuffed between the couch and the wall! If you happen to have more than one around the same age, you probably know this better than anyone else! For some reason, they are more chaotic in pairs! Ah, the joys of having children.

One day my mother was out and my dad was in charge of me. They still tell this story to this day…I don’t think I’ll ever live this down!

I was maybe 2 or 3 years old and had just come home from the hospital after an accident. Someone had given me a little play tea set as a get-well gift and it was quickly one of my favorite toys.

Dad was in the living room watching the evening news when I brought him a cup of “tea.” It was just water, but he drank it all and thanked me, giving the cup back empty. After several cups of delicious “tea,” we were finally interrupted by my mother coming home. He made her wait for me to come shuffling carefully down the hall with my cup because it was “just the cutest thing!”

Mom waited in the room and just like all of the other times, I came in and handed dad the cup for him to drink up.

She tried to hold in her laughter and explained slowly to my dad when he looked at her in confusion.

“Did it ever occur to you that the only place a toddler could reach to get water is from the toilet down the hall?”

I will never hear the end of this one.

As soon as this story said that a 2-year-old brought a cup full of water to her dad, I immediately wondered where she could have possibly gotten water! Do you know how short a 2-year-old is? They are shorter than you think they are. My mom had to turn the bathroom light on for me until I was 6 years old. There is no way she was turning on the sink or had the dexterity to pour water from another cup or bottle. This poor dad…I hope he learned his lesson!

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