Mom Dresses Up As “Dad” To Get Her Son Some Free Donuts! She Wasn’t Letting Him Miss Out.

It was just another Thursday at Elijah’s school. His mother, Yvette, was dropping him off when she noticed that there were a lot of cars in the parking lot. For an elementary school to have a full parking lot, it was obvious that something was happening. She asked her son if there was something going on, and he admitted that it was an event called Donuts with Dad happening in the library.

He was going to miss it because his father was no longer in his life.

Yvette was not about to let her son miss out on free donuts, so she turned the car around and rushed home. They lived only a block away, so she was able to put together a “dad” oufit in just 7 minutes. She put on her son’s plaid shirt, ball cap, and he tossed her a fake mustache from an old costume so that she would look “manly enough” to blend in with the other dads.9.6a2Most of the dads were supportive of her response and thought it was cool and sweet. Some of them weren’t as comfortable, but she didn’t care one bit. Elijah got his free donuts before classes started, and she made sure that her son wasn’t left out of anything just because he didn’t have a dad to invite.

I did this so you can have fun.” She told him.9.6a1During all of the hype, she was too excited to eat. She gave her donut to Elijah and plans to dress up for her younger sons as well for any dad-related activities in the future. “I wish I would have done it sooner.”


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