Mom Dies Of Cancer At Age 55. Her Last Letter To Her Daughter Is Bravely Shared For Millions To Read

In the summer of 2016, Margaret Summers received a terrible diagnosis: Stage 4 kidney cancer. A little more than a year later, she had passed away…but what her family found on her dresser was a collection of letters, loving laid out just in case “the surgery did not go well.” The letter contained her mother’s last words of wisdom, and as Hannah read her mother’s loving sentiments, she just knew that she needed to share them with the world. Her mother may have passed on, but her words would live on forever. After her diagnosis, the brave woman spent the majority of her time in the hospital fighting off infections and undergoing rounds of treatments, fighting for her life. She knew that surgery would be dangerous, but she had to try.

She wrote personal letters to each of her children and her husband, hoping for the best…but preparing for the worst.Hannah had lost her mother, but she hadn’t lost her hope. The 18-year-old decided to share the letter with everyone, and as they read it, they found hope. Remembering past loved ones and those who were still fighting for their own lives found comfort in the words of a complete stranger.

If even one person was touched by her mother’s words, Hannah knew that it was worth sharing.

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