Mom “Closed” The Living Room Until Thanksgiving…Three Weeks Away!

Cleaning up for a large holiday takes days. When the entire family is expected to arrive and stay for a weekend, too many little things need to get done. Carpets need to be cleaned, stains removed from the couches, surfaces dusted, items organized…but when you have kids, a room can go from spotless to completely trashed in just an afternoon. Backpacks, shoes, discarded clothes, dropped food, spilled drinks, mud, dirt, and countless pieces of trash are left carelessly around the room…

But mom was not going to let that happen in her nice, clean living room! She finished scrubbing it from top to bottom and decided that she wasn’t going to clean it all over again. She blocked it off with a duct tape barrier and posted this notice:
11-7a4If it’s too small, here’s the transcription:

This room has been cleaned for the holidays and is officially CLOSED until Thanksgiving!

Special permission will be considered for you to sit on my clean furniture and/or walk on my clean carpet only after the following conditions are met:

1) You have showered and are dirt and odor free from top to toe

2) You are wearing freshly laundered clothing

If permission is granted – NO food or drinks are permitted at this time!

Thank you!

(You may choose one of my many titles)


-Payer of the bills


-Queen of the castle

-Person ruining your life

-Bossy b**** in charge

Whatever works for you 🙂

She didn’t care about how much her kids probably hated the new rules…as long as they didn’t set foot in her immaculate living room! The picture went viral…and while her kids are complaining, thousands of people say that they are stealing mom’s great idea! The best way to keep something clean? Don’t use it!

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