Mix 3 Ingredients And NEVER Scrap Ice Again!

Tired of shoveling ice and snow on the driveway? No time to run to the store and buy ice melting products? Then let this cheap solution melt all your problems away. This amazing mixture is made up of ingredients you can easily find inside the house. Just mix them nicely and next thing you know, all the ice is gone without even breaking a sweat.

To create the super solution, you’ll need a quart of lukewarm water, three drops of dishwashing liquid, and an ounce of rubbing alcohol. Pour them altogether in a large plastic jug or a spray container and you’re ready to go. All of these can be done within a few minutes.

Follow this video to know how it’s done properly. Aside from being very useful and effective, the homemade product is also very cheap. Save all the time for the things that you like and try this one now.

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