MIT Developed A “Second Skin,” And It Will Probably Change Our Lives.

MIT is at it again! They come up with things that always seem to be straight from a science fiction movie. “Future tech” is all around us, and now, it’s something that we can use for…really, just about anything. They have developed a new invisible polymer coating that has really pushed the capabilities of medicine and cosmetics.

This new “second skin” can act as a protective barrier to people with injuries, slowly delivery prescribed drugs that can treat a wide range of skin conditions, helping with eczema, and even smoothing over wrinkles instead of using Botox or expensive wrinkle creams.

So, how does it work? It is applied in two steps. The first is a clear cream of siloxane, a unique chemical structure consisting of alternating atoms of silicon and oxygen, which is spread over the skin. Then, a platinum catalyst is applied on top, which causes the siloxane to turn into a cross-linked polymer layer.

It sounds complicated, but the result is similar to young, healthy skin. Elasticity is mimicked, and just take a look at what happened to this woman’s under eye bags! It compressed the skin and stayed on for 24 hours before it had to be removed.5.17a13Um, YES please! Imagine if they had applied this XPL to her entire face! I can’t even tell that there used to be heavy bags under her eyes! I hope that this becomes readily available (and affordable!) in the near future. We might not use it every day, but for pictures or special occasions, it would be nice to shave years off of our faces.5.17a14Just look at how realistic this is! I love science. This invention is definitely a game-changer!

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