Missouri Officer Keeps Gift Cards In His Pocket For One Special Reason

It all started when he had a fun idea during the holidays. As he made his way through one of the neighborhoods he patrolled to keep safe, he snapped a few pictures of houses and their Christmas lights. He posted the pictures of Facebook and asked people to vote for their favorite. The winner, he said, would receive two large pizzas from Dominos!

He had planned to pay for the pizzas on his own, but when Dominos found out, they refused to charge him and gave him gift cards to use instead. When he tried to deliver the gift cards to the winner of his contest, they refused to accept and handed him $100, telling him to buy more gift cards and hand them out to members of the community that needed them more.

He purchased $5 and $10 gift cards from gas stations and grocery stores, and word spread about the officer that was using his own money to buy more gift cards when he ran out.

I found so many people who could use either a pick me up or they actually just needed the money to get to work and back,” said Schlueter.

People started mailing him gift cards to hand out.

Once, he stopped a woman for driving without her registration and noticed that her tank was empty. Being able to hand people a gift card when they are struggling just to make it day after day makes it all worth it.

So far, he has given out over $2,000 worth of gift cards…and people are still sending more!

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