Missing Baby Reunited With Family Thanks To Social Media!

During the attack in Nice, France, a baby boy was separated from his parents in the chaos. Out of their minds in worry and terror, they reached out to all of their friends in hopes that someone, somewhere would recognize the lost baby and help them to reunite. Yohlaine did just that, and posted a picture of herself with her friends’ baby along with the plea (translated from French): “If you see this child, contact me.”7.18a6

The appeal was spotted by one of her friends, who shared the information as well. Soon, people were sharing and spreading the news that a baby had been lost in the confusion and needed to be found as soon as possible. She began contacting all of her friends, asking them to post and share the message to spread the plea farther and farther. Surely someone had seen the baby and knew where he was.

While their friends were sharing the post (which ended up being shared hundreds of thousands of times), the boy’s parents were out on the streets, frantically searching and asking anyone and everyone if they had seen or heard their child.

Within two hours, a woman contacted Yohlaine, saying that she had found the child and brought him to her home. He was safe and well, she reported. Yohlaine asked for a picture of the child, to be sure. It was the missing boy!

Yohlaine went at once to pick up the child who has since been reunited with his family! They have asked for privacy while they recover from the ordeal, naturally, but it is incredible to see the power of social media being used for good. It has brought hope to others in the time of crisis.

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