Miss Butterworth’s Weightloss Journey Has Been Inspiring THOUSANDS! Look At Her Go!

When Miss Butterworth ended up being dropped off at the Asheville humane society by her previous owner’s family, shelter workers were stunned. Miss B’s human had passed away and no one else was willing to take her in. She was wildly obese, and even just the simple act of breathing was enough to tire her out. Laying in her cage was exhausting, and they could tell that this poor dog was on her last legs. If someone didn’t help her soon, she would die.

She was too large to be spayed, and before anyone could adopt her, she would need to lose roughly half of her body weight! It was going to be a tough journey, but she knew that she could do it!She started off slow. At 9 years old, her vet was worried that her heart wouldn’t be able to keep up with a lot of exercise. They started her off slowly on walks that only lasted 5 minutes per day. Eventually, they allowed her to walk around in the back yard at her own pace, but they monitored her closely to make sure that she didn’t overheat.

Her health was top priority for her foster family, and she was becoming a local celebrity in the city of Asheville!

People related to the fabulous dog, and pretty soon, she had thousands of fans!
She eventually lost enough weight to have her surgery¬†and¬†a dental cleaning! She only had one tooth pulled and is recovering nicely!She still has a bit of weight to lose, but she’s clearly on her way to a new lease on life!Go, Miss Butterworth, Go!

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