Military Wife Finds Heartwarming Way To Include Deployed Husband In Christmas Card

Taking a family picture for the holidays is a common tradition among many families. It’s a way to document another year together, update friends and family who live far away, and remember the year for what it was. In the case of Ashley Sistrunk’s family, their Christmas picture was going to be missing dad, and she just wasn’t going to have it.

Brandon Sistrunk, a staff sergeant in the Air Force, was deployed in Iraq and wouldn’t be home in Colorado Spings for the holidays. Their picture with Santa just didn’t feel right without dad……So, mom got creative! She coordinated with her husband and they each took pictures holding up one half of a cardboard sign that said “Merry Christmas!” She used a photo editing program and merged the two photographs on her computer, with everyone smiling.They didn’t stop there! They even managed to create a silly picture, and created a “kiss” from far, far away!
Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, but with Brandon gone and the kids begging to have him home on Christmas, it just won’t be the same. I know we are supposed to ‘live for today!’, but I wish I could wake up tomorrow and have it be late January!” She wrote on Insagram.

She hopes that by sharing this picture, she can inspire other families that are separated at the holidays to remind them that they aren’t alone. Military families sacrifice a lot, but this mom isn’t letting it ruin her Christmas!

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