Military Veteran Reunites With Stolen Dog One Day Before Christmas!

The holidays took a dark turn for one military veteran’s family. Geoff Hoffman’s home had been broken into, but instead of taking cash and valuables, the thieves took something infinitely more important: his dog, Bridget.

For some reason, the home intruders took the family’s dog instead of the valuables. Perhaps Bridget was making too much noise, or perhaps she was posing a threat, but suddenly, she was gone. Hoffman’s dog was gone.

He and his girlfriend took to Facebook, spreading the word as often and as far as they could. The temperatures were below freezing and the longer that Bridget was missing, the higher the chance that she would not be found alive.

Complete strangers stepped up to help. They contacted local shelters, animal hospitals, and authorities. They searched nearby neighborhoods and phoned their friends to ask if anyone had spotted a brown dog.  The Hoffman family found themselves unable to eat properly or sleep through the night. Part of the family was missing.
One morning, before 6am, his girlfriend just had to look again. It had been five days, but she wasn’t giving up hope…then, a miracle.

She was driving along the road when she spotted a dark shape huddled under a bush. She stopped and walked closer…and instantly, Bridget stood, tail wagging!

Bridget had numerous injuries. Knife wounds along her legs, dehydration, and frostbite had taken hold. Someone had scratched the Hoffman’s phone number off of her collar and abandoned her for dead.

After full meals and a good night’s rest, Bridget is finally back home where she belongs!

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