Military Mom Finds A Way To Include Deployed Husband In Their Holiday Card…Miles Away!

For the Smith family, nothing was more important during the holidays than spending time together. Unfortunately, this year, Andrew Smith would be deployed for Christmas. His wife, Andrea, wasn’t about to let that little fact get in the way of their yearly holiday card…and had to get creative!

As a family, their favorite store is Target, and Andrea’s favorite coffee is from Starbucks. To highlight who they were and what they represented, she came up with a clever idea to not only include her husband from far away, but to also share the sacrifice that military families make during the holidays.

Using the clever photography skills of Leslie Owen, the family’s Christmas card came to life!

Their daughter balanced precariously on a shopping cart while dad was ready to catch her if she fell. Mom sat, exhausted, on the floor after a tough round of holiday shopping, fully trusting that her husband was looking after their little girl! The picture went viral overnight. Military families and moms and grandmothers and…well, pretty much everyone who saw the amazing image were stunned! The incredible idea took off. Military families often try to include their missing members during the holidays, and this was another amazing example of just how tough these families are during the busiest time of the year.

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