Military Man Stands At Attention As Funeral Procession Passes. Some People Didn’t Agree.

A picture has gone viral, but it sparked a debate that several people can’t seem to agree on. Which side are you on?

Pulling over for a funeral procession is a long-standing tradition, especially in more rural parts of the country, and some believe that rain or shine, pulling over is the right thing to do. It is meant to show respect for the loss of a grieving family and acknowledge the passing of a fellow human being whether or not they knew the person who died.

But when Erin H. posted this picture, she had no idea that some people just didn’t understand the sentiment behind the gesture at all.

I’ve never understood why traffic has to stop. Life goes on and it’s a stranger.” One person wrote.

Others agreed, confused as to why they needed to stop at all.More believed that while it was impossible to pull over and wait in larger and busier cities, they wouldn’t interrupt a funeral procession, and wouldn’t mind waiting for a procession to pull through an intersection even if their light was green.

But many people chimed in to explain that in their moments of grief, sometimes the only thing that got them through the day was seeing complete strangers respecting their loss by taking off their hats in acknowledgment. It isn’t a hard thing to pause for a minute or two, and they hope that the people who didn’t understand wouldn’t ever have to find out.

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