Meteorologist Receives Vicious Hate Mail In The Form Of “Advice.” She Isn’t Having It!

A local meteorologist from South Mississippi recently returned to work after giving birth and taking her maternity leave. She’d left in December and was hoping to get back into a normal routine at work. As with most public figures, she constantly receives feedback from viewers. Although these messages are usually positive, there are a few negative ones that really go too far.

On a Friday morning at 1:08 a.m., a crazy person decided to rant about Carrie’s weight gain from pregnancy in a private message. (Seriously, this person needs professional help!) She blurred out the idiot’s name for privacy reasons, but decided to post the message for everyone to see.

But instead of getting angry, Carrie decided to use the hate mail to spread a bigger message:

Instead of any hateful thing, compliment someone. You never know when that will make someone’s day! Everybody’s got something…let’s share kindness and happiness and joy with one another. When you think a negative thought, try to find the positive. That’s the REAL challenge! Everyone can find the negative. Be the one who exudes POSITIVITY!” She wrote.

She has shared a lot of her life with fans over the past 15 years and freely admits that she isn’t happy with her body right now – but that she is working towards sleeping and eating better (as much as she can with a new baby in the house!) and appreciates everyone who sends her words of encouragement.

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