Meteorologist DESTROYS This Hater In The Best Way Possible!

Molly Matott is a brilliant meteorologist. Her job, it just so happens, requires her to be in front of a camera to report her findings and give an accurate weather prediction in front of thousands of people every day. After her Saturday shift at her Syracuse television station, Molly got a hateful email filled with nasty, unfounded, and frankly ridiculous comments that have no ground to stand on and shouldn’t have been shared.

The viewer was “trying to b mean,” but did exactly that in a grammatical nightmare that over-exaggerated like the world was ending (newsflash: it wasn’t). The email had nothing to do with the forecast or Matott’s actual job…but about her appearance. Read the disaster of an email for yourself. It hasn’t been edited for clarity (good luck):

I don’t know, of course, who dresses Molly and I’m not trying to b mean or unkind but the way she is dressed today looks very much like she came directly from a night on the town to work!

Good grief, have a little decorum and be more understated and conservative in your attire. There are so many things going on here and none of them are good, the range is from underarm boob fat, garish jewelry, clashes in color, AND makeup….I just turned on my television set and was shaken to the core (almost) at the sight of all of that going on this early on a Saturday morning! and remember ‘less is more’  “7.6a17

Molly dresses herself. It’s a small news station that doesn’t have the budget for an on-set stylist. If you take a look at the picture sent in to be “evidence,” you’ll have a hard time figuring out why this keyboard-warrior decided to lash out at a smart, and perfectly-appropriate woman doing her job. The dress is perfectly modest (especially considering the blinding-hot studio lights) and she delivered the report just as she always does.

And, really? “Shaken to the core?” If the sight of human arms shakes you to the core, please see a doctor because something may be terribly wrong with you.

Molly responded:

My job is to give the best and most accurate forecast in an understandable manner. … I’m sorry you chose to focus on my appearance and ‘underarm boob fat’ instead. Perhaps next time you wish to pen such an unnecessarily nasty email to a television professional, you too remember that less is more.”

And then posted the whole thing on Instagram!

I was feeling WAY TOO GOOD about myself today to NOT reply to this nasty email (top left). If anyone else has any comments on my “underarm boob fat,” I’ll take them now.

UPDATE: this person wrote back and could not understand my reaction to their “constructive criticism.” Girl, bye.

If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut. Molly does not have time for you!

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