Meet The Salon Employee That Hasn’t Had A Day Off In Four Years

How frustrated would you be if you’d been working for four years straight without a single day off? This cat knows the answer, but until someone cracks the language barrier between humans and felines, we may never know.

Little Betty Boo was rescued after being abandoned on the streets of Melbourne, Australia. She was only 8 weeks old when she was discovered, but she had already lived a very hard life.

There was something about her air of confidence that attracted her very own human…and when people realized that Betty Boo’s favorite thing to do was cuddle, they decided to give her the life she was always meant to have!

Betty Boo now lives at BABAR hair, a salon that appreciates her kitty charms! Clients and customers expect to get lovely warm kitten snuggles when they sit down for their appointments. If Betty Boo can’t sit on them while their hair is being treated, she visits the waiting area and finds work to do there!She loves taking cat naps in rays of sunlight. She loves helping customers feel loved and happy. She knows what she’s good at and doesn’t mind the long hours!

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The adorable cat even has her own fan page! Who wouldn’t love a life this glamorous?

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