Mechanic Receives An Alert On His Phone And Runs Across The Street To Save A Baby’s Life

Karen Garrison was out shopping with her newborn baby, Nolan, when he suddenly stopped breathing. She panicked, not knowing how to help, while the store’s clerk dialed 911. That’s where things get nearly unbelievable.

The city of Spokane, Washington had recently upgraded their 911 emergency services systems to include the use on an app, called PulsePoint. In the instance that someone needs CPR, often, the people around them might be able to help faster than an ambulance or fire fighters can arrive. When the clerk reported that there was a baby that had stopped breathing in her store, the operator logged it into the system, alerting nearby people who had signed up.
11-15a16Jeff Olson had signed up, not thinking much about it. He was certified in CPR and thought that if he ever needed to use it, he’d be ready.

He received the alert on his phone and realized that the location was just across the street from his job where he worked as a mechanic. He rushed out of the shop – not even stopping to tell his boss that he was leaving – and burst through the doors.

Did somebody call 911?!” He asked, hurrying to start some rescue breathing on the infant that had already turned blue.

The shop clerk was startled, thinking that EMTs were allowed to wear civilian clothes before realizing that the app had worked. Olson saved a life that day, and now, that baby has grown into a curious toddler. Mom is thankful that the mechanic across the street answered the call. Not all heroes wear capes; sometimes, they wear a uniform.


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