McDonald’s Employee Denies Homeless Woman Cup Of Water, And This Guy Is ANGRY!

Johnathon Pengelly had just been through a rough day. Like a lot of people at the end of the day, he found himself standing in line at McDonald’s to order a quick dinner before heading home. He was standing behind a woman who was very obviously homeless, but when she got up to the register, he was shocked to hear the woman at the counter deny her a cup of hot water.

I don’t know what was going through their mind, but a lady, clearly homeless, was asking for a basic human right; and for a multi billion pound company, for them to say no is disgusting!” He wrote in a Facebook post.

He didn’t let it end there. He stopped the woman and told her to order whatever she wanted. He was expecting to pay for a large order, but to his surprise, the woman only asked for a single cheeseburger. He added more food to the order and brought it out with her to eat.

I couldn’t just leave this lady go, she was so warming and so lovely. So I sat with her, on the cold hard floor, in the middle of winter and you know what I did? I cried my eyes out.”


She had sat down with her friends on the pavement, and Pengelly was shocked when people walking by them were actually laughing at their misfortune.

I don’t care who you are, If this was you; and you’re reading this I hate you!”

He invited the woman, Polly, back to his home along with one of her friends to shower and clean up. Together, they cooked enough food to get them through the week. He gave them blankets and clothing, telling them that he would help as much as he could until they got back on their feet.

If you see someone on the streets, don’t look down on them like they’re nothing. You don’t know what they’ve been though! spare a little thought!”

And his story has gone viral, inspiring others to have more compassion.

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