Man’s Viral Tweet About The Secret Of KFC’s Twitter Account Gifted Hilarious Painting As Reward

Earlier this year, a man on Twitter realized that the social media manager for KFC’s Twitter account had done something insanely clever. They had followed exactly 11 people, and at first glance, the people that the KFC Twitter account was following didn’t actually make any sense. Were they random? Why were there only five women being followed? Why were there six men named Herb?

And then it clicked: KFC’s secret recipe contains “11 herbs and spices.” They were following six men named Herb and the Spice Girls! He pointed out his discovery which instantly went viral. Thousands of people had been following the restaurant, but none of the had realized (or if they did, they kept quiet about it) exactly what the sneaky team had been up to.

To reward the man, this painting was commissioned and delivered to his home, a hilarious reminder of his viral tweet.The outrageous story took off, and although the secret recipe isn’t exactly all that secret anymore, it’s still nice to pretend. Delicious fried chicken can still trend, apparently, and people can still get excited about it.Hopefully, he hangs this masterpiece in his living room for the rest of his life. It’s hilarious, and deserves to be remembered.

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