Man’s Question Ignored By Crack Barrel. The Internet Has His Back Until They Answer It!

Bradley Reid Byrd asked an innocent question on the Facebook page of his local Cracker Barrel when they refused to answer his private emails. Some strangers saw his post…and when they found out why he was asking, the entire story went viral in moments. Internet trolls and concerned fans of Cracker Barrel were outraged, and they won’t rest until the Old Country Store gives them a good answer.

On Brad’s birthday, his wife came home after her shift to tell him that she had been fired. “It wasn’t working out,” was their official answer…but Bradley was suspicious for two reasons. The first? His wife had worked at that restaurant for 11 years, why the sudden change of heart? The second, which people are much more outraged by, is that on March 11th (her original hire date), she would have received a large check for the vacation time she hadn’t used.

To make matters worse, on her last paycheck, they removed money for “CB cares,” an organization by the company set up to help people that had fallen on hard times.

CB cares about WHO?!” Brad wanted to know.

They have decided to hire a lawyer…but in the meantime, Cracker Barrel is under fire by hundreds of thousands of people using the hashtag #justiceforbradswife.

Cracker Barrel still hasn’t given Brad’s wife an answer beyond “it’s not working out,” but the public wants to remind the store that she gave up 11 Thanksgivings to work there, and that should count for something.

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