Man’s Most Embarrassing Moment Immortalized Thanks To Snapchat’s New GPS Feature

An app that let’s your friends know where you are (and what you’re doing) sounds like a good idea in theory, but as you’re about to see, it isn’t always very flattering. While many people use it to find their friends and have a good time, others have been using it to catch their friends in dirty, dirty lies! Like this woman, who caught her man cheating after he told her he was just “running to the store.”
But when a photographer’s quest for the perfect shot landed him in a sticky situation, it was made all the more hilarious when his little character was caught with a big smile and two-thumbs-up…just off of the pier!

Dave and John were out trying to get a good shot of a passing ferry when Dave ended up stuck in the mud. John snapped a picture of his friend (after calling for help, of course) and realized that Dave’s character was showing the problem in real time.
While authorities worked to free Dave from the mud, John documented the whole thing.

He made it home okay, but this amateur photographer will probably be a little more careful about where his quest for the perfect photograph takes him in the future…

…and maybe he’ll remember to turn off the GPS location on his app from now on!

Too funny!

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