Man Witnesses The Way This Manager Treated His Employee With Special Needs And HAD To Share

Jesse Young was on his way home with his son, Jasper, when they stopped to grab an early lunch at a pizza buffet. They were driving home from an important doctor’s appointment and googled a location to stop and grab a bite to eat on their route home…but he had no idea that the stop would leave such a lasting impact on not only him, but the thousands of people who would read his story.

We recently lost our daughter to leukemia and my wife and I are foster parents. We are always on alert when someone mistreats our children. So when I witnessed this today, I had to share.”

They arrived to eat just after the buffet had opened, but they weren’t the first diners to arrive. There was an employee already eating at one of the tables nearby, and at first, Jesse didn’t pay much attention to her.

But something caught his eye.The manager, a man named Brandon, approached his employees table and cleared it when she had finished eating. That’s when Jesse noticed that the employee “appeared to have some mental and/or physical challenges…[he] came back to Diana’s table with a napkin in hand and gently wiped her face while she just smiled at him.”

This hit him harder than anything.

As a parent of a special needs child I was almost moved to tears by this simple gesture. Just knowing that there are people like this in the world gives me hope. He didn’t know that I was watching but, I assure you I made him aware of what I saw and how much it blessed me. His response was ‘I just try to treat people the way my grandparents taught me to.’ “

He wanted to share his story in order to encourage others to post their own positive interactions. When people work in customer service, management and companies only ever hear customer complaints. They don’t hear enough of the praise. He wants that to change.

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