Man With A Prosthetic Leg Received A VULGAR Note After Parking In A Disabled Spot! He Laughed.

Ethan Schlemer works at Walmart, and regularly needs to use the disabled spot in the front of the store. But one day after his shift, he came out to find this horrible not on the hood of his car…and the first thing he did? He laughed.

Saw you park in a handicapped spot and go into Walmart. Handicapped my a** f*******. Took a photo of your car + license plate. Look 4 it on facebook.”7.6a14

So, why would Ethan start laughing? He actually is disabled, and his story will make that clear. By sharing this event, he hopes that his experience will encourage other people to think twice before leaving hurtful notes on the windshields of strangers. At this time, the photo has yet to surface on social media.

If someone can’t tell that I’m missing a leg, then I must be doing something right.”

2 years ago, Ethan’s left leg was amputated after he was diagnosed with a soft tissue cancer right below his kneecap. He has undergone years of physical therapy in order to properly use his prosthetic leg, and at times, it is still very difficult. Slowly, he re-learned how to go rock climbing and is now able to spend more time outdoors doing the things that he loves to do.7.6a15

But it’s hard. He never knows when he might take a wrong step or pull a muscle. On that day, he will be very grateful to have parked as close as possible to the front of the store.

His story is exactly why there are disabled spots in the first place, and it isn’t up to random people to judge others for needing to use them – especially if they have the handicapped parking tab hanging from their rear view mirror.

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