Man Wants Kitten To Help Relieve Stress At University, Walks Away With 12-Year-Old Cat Instead

Paul, a student at a university, was interested in getting a pet to help him cope with the stress of daily life.

I wanted a cat because cats are generally low maintenance pets that also provide a lot of emotional support and amusement, which is especially helpful in the stressful environment of a university.” He explained.

He thought it would be a good idea to adopt an adorable kitten…but as he walked down the isle of cages filled with homeless, full-grown cats, he came to a very different conclusion.

I realized that kittens require a lot more attention than older cats do, and potentially get into a lot more trouble!” Paul said. “As a student, I spend a lot of time outside the apartment, so I need to be able to trust the cat to stay home unsupervised for long stretches of the day.”

Adopting an adult cat that was already trained to use a litter box was a better idea.

As he met different cats, he eventually met Cleo. The 12-year-old cat was graying and had bright green eyes…he just knew she was special.

Cleo had been de-clawed by her previous owner, and when the family adopted another pet and welcomed a new human baby into their home, Cleo began to feel too stressed. With no way to defend herself, she grew easily agitated and eventually bit her owner.

Paul knew that the stress levels would be much lower in his apartment and was happy to provide Cleo with a safe environment with no other pets!

Now, they can enjoy each other’s company in peace, and Paul is glad that he decided to adopt an older cat.

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