Man Walks 3 Hours To Work Each Day…And Has Been Doing It For 7 Months!

Patrick works at Braum’s, an ice cream shop and burger joint, as the manager. While he doesn’t have a car, it used to be no problem to walk to his store everyday…until the company transferred him to a different location more than 15 miles away from his home. Even though it meant walking for two and a half hours to get to work, he didn’t complain. The 52-year-old man makes that same walk five days each week, and has been doing it for seven months now.

You can’t keep your job if you don’t go to work,” he said. “I used to work at the Braum’s in Plano and I got transferred here because they needed help here. I said ‘OK,’ and my commitment to them was, I have to be at work so I’ll be at work, whatever it takes.”

Commitment. You make a commitment to your job, to go to work everyday. They expect you to go to work everyday. No excuses,” he said.

Over the weekend, officer Branson of the McKinney Police Department met Patrick and heard his story while offering a ride and wrote about it on the department’s Facebook page.

Ofc. Branson checked on a man walking on the shoulder of 75 today. That man walks 2.5 hours to work from Plano to Braum’s in McKinney 5 days a week and has a GREAT attitude. Meet Patrick….Ofc. Branson gave him a ride up to work and I think meeting him was the highlight of Ofc. Branson’s day!”

He wanted everyone to hear about Patrick’s story.

My kids will know about Patrick, my grandkids will know about Patrick, everyone should know about Patrick!”

Many people decided to help raise money to support Patrick and allow him to purchase a car! Hopefully, he won’t be walking to work for much longer!

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