Man Vows To Get Revenge On His Friend After Multiple Pictures Are Uploaded To Facebook

One man on Facebook is slowly going mad over this aggravating prank his friend had been playing for months. The victim, James, is at the end of his wits trying to deal with this prankster…but how far is too far? As the photos went viral, more and more people weighed in.

The pictures are taken from James Bennett’s Facebook profile, edited to make him slightly less attractive, and re-uploaded…often without any explanation whatsoever. James was tagged in the pictures, and if people didn’t know who he was, they might think that this was his actual face. A new job, a new girlfriend, casual acquaintances…it wouldn’t matter! He just wanted it to stop!

Nothing is off-limits the the man who keeps editing the pictures. James has been made a little chubbier or a little skinnier. His face has been flushed, paled, or even “greened” in some cases. The editor adds small animals, strange objects, and in extreme cases even erases James’ eyebrows from the picture entirely.

But instead of getting angry…he’s vowed to take a computer course in photo editing to get back at his friend instead. This is the sort of rivalry that will probably last for decades to come. We can’t wait to see what the results are!

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