Man Upset That The Line Was Held Up Over Thanksgiving Snaps Pic When He Sees What Cashier Was Up To.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, shoppers around the country found themselves in long check-out lines that were taking longer than usual. Stocking up for the holidays means that more people are out and about, but when this line was held up for a lot longer than normal, one man decided to share what he had just witnessed with anyone who would listen.

An employee at Publix, a grocery chain, was helping a customer who got to the end of their purchase…only to realize that they didn’t actually have enough to buy it all. The employee stopped the line and reached under the kiosk.The employee, Sierra, then pulled out her personal debit card and bought everything for the customer!

The man took this picture and shared it on Facebook…but he wasn’t done. The exchange followed him throughout the day, and when he was running his next errand, he decided to do something about it.

So today at Wal-Mart I decided to pay for the customer’s groceries behind me…That simple gesture easily changed someone’s life.
Many people were starving this Thanksgiving… We need more people like Sierra.” He wrote.

He hopes that his story will inspire people to “pay it forward” and remember what the holiday season is really about.

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