Man Told Strangers They Could Block His Car Into Its Spot For The Day…And Comes Back To This Note

In some cities, parking can be such a nightmare that it can ruin a stranger’s day. Coming back to find that their car has been blocked in by centimeters is a common problem in some of the most dense areas, but one man decided to help the people around him by leaving a note on his car:

out for the day

you can block me in”

When he returned to his car, he found this note folded with a bit of cash as a thank you for his actions earlier in the day! When he got back to his car, he found a note. The note was from a complete stranger that worked nearby and watched as car after car took advantage of the extra space. In a tight parking situation, even a few extra inches can take a lot of stress off of people just trying to go about their days!

The person decided to post their thanks online in the hopes that it would go viral and get back to the mysterious good Samaritan. They didn’t use the money for themselves, however. Instead, they bought a hot meal for a nearby homeless man and hoped that the person would feel good about their decision to take time to write the note.

Spreading kindness is a choice, and these two made the decision without hesitation!

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