Man Takes Photographs Capturing Candid Moments Of The 1800s With A Hidden Camera!

This old-timey method of taking sneaky pictures has been brought to light, capturing the everyday lives of people in the late 1800s. Many of these people probably didn’t know that such a contraption existed, much less that it would capture their likenesses to be seen by millions of people over 100 years later.


A man named Carl Størmer took to the streets with his C.P. Stirn Concealed Vest Spy Camera in the late 1800s. The people of Oslo, Norwary had no idea that their photographs were being taken, which makes the entire collection even more incredible. Seeing people as they went about their normal days is just too cool!


The camera had a chain that he could pull from inside of his pocket which meant that he looked completely normal while walking through the streets, greeting friends and passing strangers all while capturing incredible images.

Seeing people relaxed and smiling is at odds with how we generally think of that time period. The traditional way to take photographs was to stand straight and stiff, faces blank in a serious expression…but people back then were just like us!


Due to the technology, he was only able to take 6 pictures at a time before going back home, switching the equipment, and going back out.

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