Man Stops Traffic To Rescue Teeny Tiny Kitten From Being Run Over

During rush hour, a brave man on a motorcycle witnessed something that made his heart skip a beat. He had spotted a small kitten being passed over by cars in the heavy traffic as the animal froze in fear. Kevin pulled over and stopped traffic lane by lane until he reached the kitten, holding a hand up to get the attention of other drivers.

Then, he scooped up the terrified kitten and ran back to his bike. Later that day, he posted to Facebook hoping that someone would recognize the little animal…but no one came forward. The kitten was found near Lion Rock Tunnel in Hong Kong, and Kevin thought that it was a fitting name for his new little friend. He took Lion to talk to a local rescue group and find out what it meant to own a kitten.

They told him that he would need to prepare his home to house a small kitten, but that the animal was very young and would need medical attention. For now, Lion will live at the shelter until he is strong enough to move into Kevin’s home.Kevin spoke with his family about the kitten, and they have all agreed to welcome his rescued friend into their family as soon as Lion is healthy again!

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