Man Spots Pet Crate On The Street. He Finds A Cat Abandoned In The Summer Heat!

On a relatively quiet street in London, a passing man spotted something out of the ordinary: a bright blue pet carrier. As he got closer, he realized that there was a cat in it, meowing for help. He looked around only to find that there was no one else around. There were toys and pet items near the cage, and he guessed that someone had decided to simply abandon their cat in the hopes that a stranger would take care of it.

It was very hot outside and he knew that the cat would quickly overheat if he left it there in the sun. He picked up the crate and noticed a man carrying a pet tree, but as soon as the stranger realized that he had been spotted, he put the item down and walked away quickly.

He notified the police, but there wasn’t much to be done.
A passing woman asked what was going on and suggested that he call a local shelter. He was grateful as his apartments wouldn’t have allowed him to keep a cat.

The shelter came by and agreed to take the cat off of his hands. The cat was well-behaved and they were shocked to learn that it had been carelessly abandoned on the hot concrete on a hot day. The kitty is now awaiting a chance to find a new home, and the shelter is thankful for that man’s curiosity! He may have saved a cat’s life that day!

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