Man Saves 3 Kittens Stranded During Hurricane And Returns To Look For Their Mother

The aftermath of the hurricane that devastated many parts of South Texas left many families in a state of shock, and as it turns out, has taken a large toll on animals as well. One man heard the smallest sounds and squeaks coming from underneath his porch during the days of rains and storms, and when he went outside to investigate, realized that there were creatures that needed his help desperately!

Three little kittens were mewing for their mama, but there was no mother cat to be found. They were freezing, soaked, and barely hanging on to life by the time he fished them out from under his porch. He looked around, but the kittens were alone. He took them inside…but had no idea what to do next.

He’d never had cats before and so took to an online message board, hoping that someone might be able to help him. They suggested keeping the kittens warm, but they were too young to be able to eat anything besides their mother’s milk. He was determined to help.He donned his rain gear and went outside. It was a long shot, but he had to try and find the mother.

After a while of searching, he came across a stray cat that seemed a bit aimless, but friendly. He took a look at her, and as she let him pet her, he realized that she could actually be the missing mother cat!

He snapped a picture of her belly and sent it to the message board…they confirmed that she had recently been nursing!

When he took her indoors, she immediately raced towards the kittens, who latched on and immediately began to nurse!The little family was reunited, and now they have a bright future ahead of them!

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