Man Rolls Down His Window To Order Taco Bell And Gets A Free Cat Instead

A man from Georgia was stopping at his local Taco Bell for a bite to eat when a stray cat decided that it would be the purrfect time to make a new friend. This cat didn’t care that a man might have better things to do on a Monday afternoon than worry about a lost cat. Maybe this cat could see into the future because what happened next stunned thousands of people.

As he sat in the drive-thru with his window down to finish his transaction, the man was startled as a white and ginger cat delicately hopped through the opening and settled onto his lap. This cat made itself at home without a care in the world.

It looked up at him and knew that he wasn’t going to challenge its actions.

When the man pulled up to the till, he asked the staff if they knew whose cat had just invaded his personal space so thoroughly. They had no idea…but instead of tossing the cat onto the sidewalk of a busy intersection, he took it home.
His first order of business (after eating his dinner) was to make the cat comfortable. He put a collar on it and gave it a soft place to sleep.

The next morning, he took the cat to his local vet. The cat had no microchip, but was in wonderful health. He suspected that the cat might have been abandoned. The area of town led him to believe that the cat was a stray, but he contacted the local shelters to be sure.

After a few weeks, he knew that the cat wouldn’t be claimed, so he had it vaccinated and officially welcomed his new cat, Jose, to his “fur-ever” home!

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