Man Robs Bank To Escape His “Nagging” Wife; Judge Has A Twisted Sense Of Humor

He wasn’t planning to steal away with millions of dollars to start a new life on an exotic beach; he wanted to land himself in jail.

Lawrence Ripple walked into a Kansas City Bank of Labor – just one block away from the police department – and handed a note to the bank teller.

I have a gun, give me money.” It read.

The bank teller opened the till and handed him everything in it: $2,924.00. He then walked back to the bank’s lobby and sat down to wait for the police to arrest him. When they arrived, his explanation was baffling.

He told the officers that he had just had an argument with his wife and would rather be in jail than be at home with her. He thought he would be in jail for years…instead, the judge gave him the worst sentence possible!Lawrence Ripple was sentenced to six months of house arrest.

Ripple didn’t have any criminal past, handed over the money as soon as officers arrived, and didn’t actually have a gun. After a medical exam, it became apparent that Ripple was suffering from undiagnosed depression that began after heart surgery. The judge knew that he just needed a chance to get back on his feet.

After being placed on medication and being given a second chance, he is back to “feeling like his old self” again and is remorseful for the trouble he caused that day. He even apologized to the bank teller and the bank and now attends regular counseling sessions with his wife.

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