Man Rescues Disoriented Pooch From Drowning In The Ocean!

Lisa Delong was enjoying a nice Sunday morning with her dog, Nellie out at Black Rock Beach. Nellie loved to swim and jumped into the water, having a grand time…until she accidentally swam out of the beach and into Halifax Harbor. She got turned around and ended up in the Northwest Arm instead, swimming in circles trying to find her way to shore.

It had been an hour, and no one was sure how much longer the dog would last without help. Lisa began trying to call Nellie, hoping that the dog would hear her and find her way back to the shore, but Nellie couldn’t hear the voices and just kept swimming in circles.

The people on the shore called the nearby yacht club to see if anyone was able to help, but one man knew that it would be too late.

I’m going out for the dog,” he said, taking off his shirt and emptying his pockets before anyone could stop him.

Adam Parker reached the distressed pooch and spent another 20 minutes directing her to the shoreline. He was able to corral the dog into the right direction, and soon, the two were back onto the shore. They were both exhausted, but Lisa was so relieved at the turn of events.8.1a15

Adam had the sense to steer clear of the frightened dog, and Nellie had the sense to trust him. Lisa was so grateful, and this adorable picture once the two were safe and sound has gone viral. This man’s brave actions are inspiring!

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