Man Refuses To Live A Life Without Cats, Posing For Pictures With Every Kitty He Meets

Nick Canning loves animals, and while he currently has an Australian Cattle dog, he doesn’t have room in his apartment for an additional pet. He adores his dog, but a nice feline friend is something that he can’t wait to include into his little family. Until he moves into a new place, he is coping in the best way he knows how: endless cat pictures.

Whether its the cat of a friend or a stray cat that he’s just met, he poses as wistfully as possible in the hopes that he may too one day own a cat. His friends thought his pictures were hilarious and encouraged him to keep going. For stray cats, he hopes that by bringing attention to them, they might end up finding a forever home. The cats don’t seem to mind being held for a few moments, and he appreciates the time to bond with them even if just for a brief minute or two.
It isn’t the same as having his own kitty, but it makes the waiting easier!

His friends this his passion for kitties is fun, but he isn’t resigned to only taking dramatic pictures with cats: paintings of cats still counts, and apparently, so do dogs!

Hopefully, he’ll be able to meet and adopt a cat of his very own! Until then, these pictures an keep him company.

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