Man Pretends To Die In Front Of His Cat To See What He’d Do. This Kitty’s Reaction Is Too Accurate!

If you have animals, you’ve probably given a bit of thought to what would happen if you died without warning. Some pet owners carry a card like this in their wallets to let others know that they have pets at home. Others are pretty sure that their neighbors would notice if their dogs hadn’t been let back into the house at night. But some, like YouTuber Cory Williams, wanted to see what would really happen if he just kicked the bucket in the middle of their house. Because why not?

He staged a fake attack of some sort and fell to the ground with a lot of groans and “ahhhh!”s to make it look real. His cat, Sparta, was concerned at first.
The curious kitty came to sniff around, meowing for help a few times before…Trying to get a few head scratches.Deciding that dad was just taking a cat nap, Sparta decided to join him…much to the disappointment of Williams!Cats are predators who can hear heartbeats and subtle movements from far away! All Sparta needed to do was listen for a moment to hear his human’s heartbeat and even breathing to know that death had not come to the Williams’ home.

While he didn’t get the footage he had hoped for, at least he knew that Sparta wouldn’t immediately jump to conclusions!

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