Man May Have Accidentally Burnt His House Down While Trying To Fight Off Spiders

When the barista at your coffee shop asks how your day is going, you probably just say ‘fine’ before continuing to have a relatively boring day. Even if your day isn’t actually ‘fine,’ you can at least take comfort in the fact that you most likely haven’t burned your house down while trying to kill a family of spiders.

A man in Tucson, Arizona does know how that feels, and people aren’t actually that surprised. Who hasn’t considered torching their own home when a spider the size of the moon slips through a crack in the wall to lurk about in the darkness, probably waiting to pounce when no one is looking…

Okay, that’s not fair to spiders, but people were still shocked that he actually did it.
Firefighters were called after a man accidentally set his mobile home on fire trying to kill spiders. The webs were so extensive that he made the choice to get rid of them and the spiders living on them with a blow torch.

While the official statement reports that the incident is under investigation, they haven’t exactly said that it wasn’t caused by his extreme dislike of spiders living in his home. Why he would use a blow torch is still a mystery, but they’re fairly certain that it was the cause of the fire.

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