Man Loses Prized Movie Collection In A Fire, But Strangers Won’t Stand For It!

Mark has spent his life collecting movies. His favorite past time is watching, re-watching, and discussing his favorite movies. He loves organizing them and talking about them. When he has any free time, no one has to guess what he’ll want to do with it, but when he lost them all in a shocking fire, he was lost.

But his sister decided to ask for donations. If anyone had spare movies or DVDs, she asked them to be mailed to his address with a list of specific movies that he missed in particular.

As the post began to circulate, more and more people became invested in his situation. When they learned that he needed more than movies, they began to give even more. He needed clothing as well. People began to donate gift cards, clothing, and things that they thought he would appreciate.

Kind strangers who weren’t able to give money or donate movies were donating what they could – some even offering services available at their businesses!

What started as a simple plea to help a young man rebuild his life turned into a huge blessing that will see him back on his feet in no time.

The gesture was incredible, and thousands of people pitched in. Now? He is absolutely stunned at the generosity of complete strangers.

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