Man Looks Down While Walking In A Park And Discovers That He Has Become An Umbrella

While on holiday in Greece, a London resident was walking around a large park when he suddenly found himself playing the part of “umbrella” in this tiny puppy’s life story. It was cloudy and rainy, and the small dog saw a chance to stay draw and took it immediately!

The puppy lives in a nearby parking lot next to a restaurant with its family and five other puppy siblings. The man and his girlfriend waited for the drizzling rain to stop and the sun to come out before following the small dog back to his family. They spoke with the owner of the restaurant who says that she feeds the animals and lets them stay in the parking lot, but that they are strays.People wanted to know why he didn’t take the puppy home with him. While he would have loved to, it was still very young…and he doesn’t actually live in the country! Others in the area asked him where he found the dog and are hoping to help re-home the small pup and its siblings! He’s just too cute!

Stray dogs and cats in Greece are well cared for by the communities, but there are so many dogs and cats that they often just find a life outside of having an owner. Seeing stray puppies is very common, and this little dog was totally comfortable around human strangers…even though he was only a few months old!

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